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Image:Movie.png Movie import:

  • empty imported fields (as example Custom9) will cause to add the same info of the previously imported movie. At least this variable isn't cleared after delivery. Or isn't voided before import. Maybe there are more fields that behave this way...
  • while importing actors or movies you are able to switch between import window and XMM window. That's missing on importing TVShows

Image:Actor.png Actor import:

  • corrected names during import doesn't correct the movies in database (typos)
  • when in actors table but the HTML card shows a movie then the update window shows the scripts for movies. After switching to actors the import bugs

Image:Gui.png Interface:

  • check the length of the labels see example by Radioactive
  • Update Manager should disable the change between movies, shows and actors as only the one displayed in MainGrid is working (see Actor import above)
  • Some DATE fields are automaticaly filled with the TIME 12:00:00 AM
  • TumbnailView doesn't load the saved cover size
  • Percentage in Dashboard has to be multiplied with 100
  • Many strings are not in translation.ini

Image:Miscellaneous.png Miscellaneous:

  • QuickEditView is only available for movies! When you are in the actors table you see there always the last selected movie's data!!!

Image:Source.png MagicScript Editor:

  • everytime you save a script with the internal editor there is added a blank line (linefeed) at the end of the script
  • the debuggers doesn't always show the correct variables. As example after selecting from movielist some or all variables are cleared. But the debugger still shows the content and you can act with.

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